Tsuiki Suzugami: 13 × 13

The Tsuiki Suzugami series is made by using the tsuiki technique to hammer Suzugami into a dish shape. At 13 × 13 cm, this smallest size is perfect for serving snacks, or to use to take a few bites of food from a shared serving dish.
By curling up both ends to form a cocoon-like shape, it can be stored in small spaces. And because it’s made with the tsuiki technique, it can be returned to its original shape even if stretched out.

Material: Tin (Rolled)
Size: 13 × 13 cm
Price: ¥4,536 (incl. tax)

Hammered finish


Ice hails from the sky with rustle left behind traces of their fierceness.


Endless rain in May in the lunar year
left behind its unforgettable trajectory.


Snowflakes dancing in cloudless sunny day left behind this ephemeral layer.