Haku Suzugami

Haku Suzugami is even thinner than our standard Suzugami products — just 0.4 mm, thin enough to bend and fold like origami paper.
Haku Suzugami can easily be cut with just a pair of scissors, for strips that can be turned into various shapes. The tin is hammered countless times into a result thin enough that it bends under its own weight when held out by one end, yet durable enough to handle being bent and flattened out with minimal wear.

Material: Tin (Rolled)
Size: 7.5 × 7.5 cm
Price: ¥2,376 (incl. tax)

Hammered finish


Ice hails from the sky with rustle left behind traces of their fierceness.


Endless rain in May in the lunar year
left behind its unforgettable trajectory.


Snowflakes dancing in cloudless sunny day left behind this ephemeral layer.